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college of basic educational college organize a seminar on the national card in cooperation with the...

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college of basic educational college organize a seminar on the national card in cooperation with the media department in the presidency of the university and the Directorate of Civil Status and Passports and Residence in Diyala province

            under the Sponsor of assistant professor Dr. Haidar Shakir Mezher , dean of the college ,  Department of Media and Public Relations in the presidency of the university of diyala and in cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Status and passports and residence of Diyala province  held a seminar on the work mechanism of the national card  and how to give and standards that have been adopted to generate a family number the national number, and in the presence of Brigadier Abbas Fadhil Ibrahim , Director civil Status Affairs, Passports and residence in Diyala province, and Prof. Dr. Mazen Abdul Rasoul Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Wissam Jalil saba'a Associate Dean for student Affairs


         The Heads of departments and staff and students at the college ,the introductory seminar lectured by Col. Majid Mahdi, director of national card project in the province, and Lt. Col. Abdulkhabeer Mahmoud, Director of Planning and Follow-up Division, and was led by Assistant lecturer Ali Abdul Hussain, director of media Department of the presidency of the diyala university, aimed to the definition of Gentlemen action mechanism of  national card  and build a unified database and give the card to citizens  includes all data , that can use in the sale and purchase and transfer of ownership and other life variables , as well as use them as one document instead of several identifiable documents  by allocating civilians No.  does not repeat and familial No.  binds the individual to his family

         The tow lecturer adding that this national card make the work of citizens more easier than they use three documents ( identity card , a certificate of citizenship and the card of housing  ) as well as being a identifying document instead of the passport , and working on the reduction of organized crime and cases of similarities and make a qualitative shift in the cultural and technical of handling among all directorates , it was also discuss the mechanism work of the national card by its adopted on several criteria , including actions of life like ( marriage , divorce , death ,and birth )


          Note that it is the generation of a family number based on the number the circle and register number and page number and line number that is repeatable grant per household and distinguishes every family from others note that the national card is issued to all Iraqis over 12 years and less than 12 years in the following cases

  1. In the case of birth registration statement
  2. In case if identity card without a photo
  3. In the case of loss or damage to the identity card
  4. If it requested by official Bureau and semi-official


          At the end of the seminar ,  it was listen to the interventions and proposals by the audience  that enriched the seminar and answered all the questions that have been asked, and the Dean of the College , give a letters of  thanks and appreciation to the     lecturers ( officers ) in appreciation for the efforts made in the security service of the citizen in the province