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Statement of condemnation issued by the Presidency of Diyala University

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Statement of condemnation issued by the Presidency of Diyala University

            the presidency of Diyala University, represented by its president, Dr. Abbas Fadhil Dulaimi , university council , staff and students , Deplores and condemns the shameful act that was made by the Middle East newspaper notorious ( sharq al-awsat ) and stand behind them from the bats of darkness and the owners of sedition and  degenerates morally after seeing with their own eyes rats of Daesh (isis ) crush under military boot of sons of Iraq , to make them escape from  the last holes and purify the land of Mosul from their dirties and to make the sun of freedom shine again in the skies of our beloved country.


            In the heroic epic less happened in history through the cohesion of people with all its sects and ethnicities, sacrificing and coherent in order to build bright future away from what divides them and diminish the dignity . the cheap and paid pens start to spread their  black toxins and grudge  against the people  that glorification  the rites of Allah and the walkers in the way of the father of Liberals and the master of martyrs Aba Abdullah  Al-Hussein, but they go back despised and rejected, trying to undermine the dignity and honor of our daughters

           they think in their stinking minds what they mean , but what they think is no more than their tribes and their families , but they undermine from our pride and our honor something .