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Department of Arabic language organizes a qualitative lecture for Ph.D. students

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       Within the scientific curriculum for the second semester, the Department of Arabic Language at the College of Basic Education organized a qualitative lecture for the doctoral students in the Department under the title (Teaching Skills - Questions, embarrassing questions of children and levels of questions) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Asmaa Kazem Fendi,

       The qualitative lecture prepared by the doctoral students (Raed Hamid) and (Osman Saadoun) aimed to introduce students to how to ask the oral questions and some common mistakes when asking questions in a smooth and simplified way

       The lecture included a detailed explanation of the subject and the use of modern electronic technology through the presentation of the videos of embarrassing questions for children during the lecture in the classroom

       The qualitative lecture extract a number of conclusions, the most important was to raise interest and curiosity about a particular topic and to stimulate activity in the educational process, which attract students to discover the information themselves, ( called exploratory questions ), as well as developing the skill of dialogue and discussion. Which called (Review questions).