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College of basic education organizes a seminar on the phenomenon of drug, causes, effects and methods of...

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Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Shaker Mezher, Dean of the College of Basic Education, the Division of Development and Continuing Education and the Unit of Psychological Guidance and Educational Guidance in the College of Basic Education in cooperation with the Directorate of Drug Control (Anti-drug) in Diyala province, organized an awareness seminar on the phenomenon of drug, causes, effects and methods of prevention, the seminar was attended by Assistances of dean, heads of departments, teaching stuff and students at the college.

The seminar was lectured by Col. Ghaleb Attia Khalaf, Director of Media and Public Relations, Diyala Police Directorate, and Col. Muwafaq Thayer Fares, Director of Anti-drug Section in the province, aimed to clarify to the attendees to the phenomenon of drug that has spread in the country and how to control it. And discuss the causes of their spread and treatment.

The seminar was divided to three topics, first about the types of drug and tools of using.

The second topic clarify the motives that lead to the use of drugs (economic, social, psychological, and bad friends), and finally the third topic discuss the social, economic and security damage to the spread of the phenomenon of Drugs.