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College of basic education in cooperation with the Directorate of Education Diyala organize a training...

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Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Shaker Mezher Dean of the Faculty of Basic Education, and within the scientific curriculum for the second semester, the Division of Continuing Education and the Department of English Language in the College and in cooperation with the Directorate of Education in Diyala held lesson training in the English language entitled. The day of the week was attended by a number of teachers and students of the Department of English, in addition to a number of English teachers in a number of schools in Baquba, Mr. Thaer Ali Hussain, Head of the Technical Division of the Directorate of Education of Diyala, Mr. Abbas Hussein Ali, Director of the Quality Assurance Division of the Directorate of Education, and a number of English language supervisors in the Directorate of education.

       The aim of the training lesson presented by the Mrs. (Shahad Walid Shihab) to present a model for a training course for teachers and students using modern techniques and video presentation intended to teach the teachers the most modern types of teaching methods that help the student to receive a lesson in English well understood and rooted in His mind the thoughts and messages that the teacher wants to convey to the student through the use of modern techniques, methods and methods of teaching in modern teaching methods.