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College of basic education organized a developmental awareness course on civil defense and industrial...

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Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Shaker Mezher, Dean of the College of Basic Education, the Division of Development and Continuing Education, in cooperation with the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in our College and the Directorate of Civil Defense ( Fire brigade) in Diyala Governorate, organized a developmental awareness course on civil defense and industrial safety and with the participation of Prof. Dr. Mazen Abdul Rasool, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs , And Prof. Dr. Farat Jabbar Saadallah, Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, and the Lecturers, staff and students at the College.

The course, which was lectured by Captain / Hussein Ali Taan from the Directorate of Civil Defense in Diyala Governorate, aimed to introducing the importance of civil defense and its role in facing the dangers surrounding the human being and gave instructions to lecturers, employees and our students to avoid risks by adhering to safety standards. as well as drawing attention to call the Civil defense rapidly in case of accidents and fires through free numbers (115), and the definition of Attendances number of things that must be done to reduce the risk of accidents and their impact on human life.