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President of Diyala University in an inspection visit to the College of Basic Education

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Prof.Dr . Abbas Fadhil AL-Dulyimi , president of diyala university . in an inspection visit to the College of Basic Education . at  Tuesday 07/03/2017 And was received him Asst .Prof.Dr. Haider Shaker Mezher , the dean of college of basic education , and Dr.mazin abdulrasool , assistant dean for academic affairs , and Dr.furat jabar , assistand dean for administrative affairs , and Dr. wisam jalil saba'a , assistant dean for student's affairs . and some of the professors in college .

           his mastery Was briefed on the service side of developments college facilities in the recent period ,  and during his inspection tour Briefed on the scientific laboratories of the Department of English and the Department of Geography and its development in the technical and scientific field by providing them with modern equipment , and at the end of the tour, Mr. President of the University praised  the efforts made by those in charge of providing services for the College to develop work and achievement of college .