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Recent News
  1.   Dr. Ali Nayif Takes Part in an MA Thesis Discussion
  2.   Dr. Oday Tkes Part in An MA Thesis Discussion
  3.   Dr. Ahmed Shakir Takes Part in a Ph D Discussion at Karbalaa University
  4.   Dr. Moayad Heads a Discussion Comittee
  5.   An MA about the Mantle of the Expert
  6.   Dr, Firas Dedicates a Book
  7.   A PhD Dissertation about Fast Learning
  8.   Dr. Mohammed Heads a Discussion Committee
  9.   Dr. Oday is a Journal Arbitrator
  10.   Basic Education Announces the Death of Asst. Prof. Samia Sisters and brother
  11.   Dr. Ali Nayif at Tikrit University
  12.   Dr. Omar Takes Part in an MA Thesis Discussion
  13.   Mr. Head of the University Visits the Final Exam at Basic Education
  14.   An MA about Input and Embed Styles
  15.   A Lecture about Imam Ali (PBUH)
  16.   A Book about Al-Jawahiri
  17.   An MA Thesis about Wheatly Pattern
  18.   Basic Education Holds the 10th Students Conference
  19.   A Debate about Sexual Harassment
  20.   The College Council Takes place
  21.   A PhD Dissertation about the Guided Discovery
  22.   Dr. Yasir Publishes a Book about Acievement Tests
  23.   A Lecture about the Modern Teaching
  24.   An MA Thesis about Numbered Heads Strategy
  25.   A PhD about Gymnastics
  26.   Human rights Central Meeting
  27.   Competitive Exams Take Place
  28.   Baisc Education Gets Ready for the Final Exam
  29.   Dr. Abbas Opens a Book Signing Celebration
  30.   Dr. Abdilrazzaq Take Part in a PhD Discusion
  31.   The Initiative of 1000 Dinar Releases
  32.   An MA Thesis about Differentiated Education
  33.   A Lecture about Citizens' Affairs Unit
  34.   The International Scientific Conference Takes Place at Basic Education
  35.   Basic Education Holds a Conference
  36.   Dr. Hussin Takes Part in an MA Thesis Discussin
  37.   A Dissertation about the Brain Control
  38.   Dr. Ammar Head a Discussion Committee
  39.   Dr. Mohamed Delivers a Lecture about Stirical Literature
  40.   Dr. Khalid Submitt a Present to Basic Education
  41.   A debate Session about Drugs
  42.   A lecture about Comminivation Teachnology
  43.   A Research Team Obtains a Patent
  44.   A Session about Teaching
  45.   A Lecture about Holly Quran
  46.   A Lecture about Practicum Observatioon
  47.   Basic Education Obtains the 3d Position in Quran Reciting
  48.   A Lecture about the Agricultural Polymers
  49.   A Lecture about the Basics of the Scientific Research
  50.   Dr. Abdulrahman Urges the college Staff to Complete the Plans