Dean Message


Department of Science


Realizing the scientific and educational instructions that abide constructive vision and necessary modern policy which help carry out the department's missions and objectives in order to enhance and improve the scientific , service and training performance in the area of quality assurance of  the department. This is done for serving the community and our outputs through passing these experiences into the schools they are going to teach in.


The department is one of the departments of the college which supports the education of the department's students scientifically and promotes their skills.


Preparing a university-graduate primary school teacher who 1) possesses a stable personality ,2)  is aware of his national , educational , and professional role ,3) is equipped with the general and specific knowledge , 4) behaves properly , 5)  possesses the conducts of the educational profession, 6)  is well prepared for going along with the contemporary life under the auspices of  modern technology , and 7) is equipped with the skills that enable him/her to perform the tasks in schools and particularly in biology.