Dean Message


Math Department


The department seeks to promote math fields knowledge in all kinds, pure or practical, in order to qualify the graduates to serve the community and to encourage them to develop their skills.     


Preparing university-graduate primary school teachers who are qualified in their specialty and equipped with the principles of  knowledge , scientific and logical thinking, the research skills in math science and the required skills for communication with community in the work field in the future.  


The department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. Preparing university-graduate primary school teachers who are qualified and have the required teaching skills for teaching math subject.

2. Enhancing the scientific trends in the students in a way that enable them to develop their own skills in high studies.

3. Enabling the students to acquire the required skills to deal with any practical problem and to try to solve it scientifically.

4. Enabling the students to know how to create and develop the educational aids in order to use them in teaching math.

5. Developing and updating the curricula in the field of math.

6. Cooperating with other departments in the college for maintaining the computers continuously and periodically.

7. Participating in the scientific conferences and symposiums for being acquainted with the recent developments in the field of methods of teaching  and scientific research.