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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae



Name: Mazin Abdulrasoul Salman Ibrahim

Place of Birth :Iraq- Diyala- Mindli

Date of Birth: 24/3/1977

Mobile:07710523635 – 07902366123

E-mail Address:


1-Bachlor in Arabic Language and Literature/ College of Education/ Al-Mustansiriyah University 1988-1999 with the average (87:427)

2- Master in Arabic Language and Literature/ College of Education/ Ai-Mustansiriyah University  of the college letter (2092) at 28/2/2002  /estimated as (Excellent)

3-Doctoral degree in Arabic Language and Literature/ College of Education/ Ai-Mustansiriyah University  of the college letter (2084) at 8/10/2006 /estimated as (Excellent).

Scientific Grade:

Professor from 16/12/2015 at the university letter (5786) at 18/4/2016

General Specialty: Arabic Language and Linguistics

Specific Field: Arabic Syntax


1- The Phenomenon of Prohibition in Arabic Syntax/Master dissertation

2-The Syntax of Sibawayh in Grammarians Books/ PhD Thesis

3-(14) researches in Syntax

4-(2) researches in Education and Teaching


Teaching Professions:

1-A member of the teaching staff in the Department of Arabic/College of Basic Education   from 9/1/2006 according to the Ministry letter(20477) in 26/12/2005 and university letter (164) in 7/1/2006.

2-Taught: Grammar ,Prosody, Eloquence and Methods of research for Bachelor students

3-Taught : Syntactic Studies and Syntactic Texts in old books for Master students

Scientific Professions:

1-Supervised (8) master students

2-Discussed (16) theses at the college of Basic Education and the college of Education for Human Sciences/University of Diyala-College of Humanities/University of Al-Anbar- College of Arts/Al-Mustansiriyah University- College of Arts/Iraqi College

3-Evaluted two theses Linguistically, one book and (23) research.

4-Promotion Expert  of (7)requests(1)  to Assistant professor, (1)to lecturer, from colleges of Arts/Iraqi University,, Arts –Al-Mustansiriyah/Arts-Al-Anbar/ Central Committee of Diyala.

5-Linguistically evaluated(60) of master and PhD theses.

6-A member of Alfath Periodical with the university letter (535) at 9/5/2007.

7-Linguistically evaluated (4) researches to Maternity and Childhood Centre

8-Delivered (11) scientific lectures

9-Participated at (18) conferences as a participator and a member of the scientific and preparatory committee.

10- A member of language integrity/ teaching appropriateness/central committee of Arabic language safety/ central committee of promotions/scientific committee of the department/deduction committee/ hypothetical library/ preparing student`s manual/preparing college manual/ preparing curriculum / committee of specifying staff specialty.

11- Gained (54) letters of thanks from the minster of Higher Education, University president/and University Deans.

12-Honored from the Dean of the college of Basic Education for being the preferred instructor for the Academic years 2007-2008 and 2008-2009, from the University of Diyala Presidency for being the preferred instructor for the academic year 2009-2010, University Committee for his special role in the committee of Teaching Appropriateness at 24/9//2014 and for being professor from the dean at 30/5/2016