Dean Message


Department of Computers


The department seeks to enhance the scientific knowledge to the department's students , theoretical and practical, in order for the students to be well-qualified to develop their own skills. 


Preparing qualified staff who lay hold of practical skills that enable them to pass their experiences to the school pupils.


The department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

 Preparing qualified teaching staff capable of teaching the subject of computer.

 Developing and updating the teaching curricula in the field of computer science.

 Taking part, as possible, in scientific conferences and symposiums in order to be acquainted with  the recent scientific knowledge in the field.

 Encouraging the students to maintain the computers and to run the systems in order to able to maintain the school labs when graduated.

  The department seeks to teach all the students how to use the computers and how to get use of them in the field of internet and in some ready-made systems.

The department seeks to build highly-developed labs in order to let the students know the practical side and to be qualified to do practically in the field.