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The media and public relations section


The media and public relations section

           This unit are work to define the role of college and its massage , and seeking to built a positive background for our college to the domestic and international communities . and publish all the matter related to college contain news, activities ,  Advertisement  and facilities the mission of the media , reporters and journalist and channels for getting information that related the college , and active with society and satisfied their needs of the information and realities and accurate statics , in addition to communicate with visual , print and audio media to publish the massege of college and what its do it for serving the society and manage the media interviews and conferences for the representatives of college .

          Also the section is follow up the public opinion trends about the activities of college and their variety achievements through social media and e-mails and answer all the investigations , suggestions and questions   that are developed the section .

          The other responsibilities of the section , make and issue the newsletters and folders related the achievements and activities of college and distributing it inside and outside college , and make the media documentation for all the activities and events  for college using photograph ,videos and electronic archiving . finally supply the college by all the activities and events that serve the college and university .