Dean Message


Research and development section :

Research and development section :

         The unit is one of the basic and active unit in the organization structure of college deu to the important role concerned it through follow up the scientific research ant its requirement which is the main role for the universities and other organization related it . and the role of this section is cleared through activities and following directs .

First : follow up the post –graduate affairs .

Second : follow up the scientific affairs .

For the first it has been done .

       While the second part is follow up the scientific affairs through create conferences , seminars and workshops and co-operate with research directorate in the other ministries and overlap the role of college to serve the community and national economic .

And we can accumulate the responsibilities of the section as follow as :

  1. Make annual scientific plan for college by co-operate with lecturer stuff
  2. Create conferences , scientific seminars and workshops .
  3. Follow up the creative research fos the stuff and external researchers attached to college .
  4. Scientific co-operate with other  government directorate as it serve community .