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Information section :


Information section :

         This section concerned with oracle and excel programs for the college employee and its programs containing all the information and data for the college employee and make continuous upgrade for it to ensure accuracy and recently of information and make data base for college follow up the concerned matters that related with the information directorate in the university and make reports concerned it .

         The oracle program concerned one of the most important program in the information section in the college and university because it like a net web distribute  amongst  all the college affiliated to university to ensure join and regulate the information an upgraded amongst the university colleges and also issuing the ID cards for the employees of college and occupied a privet importance ( oracle) in the information section to knowing the enrollment of the lecturers and employees to our college .


Activities of the section

  1. bring the income and outgoing mail from the administrative section daily for upgrading the information .
  2. insertion and upgrade the data of college employees by oracle program daily .
  3. insertion and upgrade the data of college employees by excel program daily.
  4. Working on sorting and accumulate the mail for the monthly report all over the week days and upgrade it on the applications for report and send it for university every new month .
  5. Correction the occupation cv’s for the college employees by oracle program .
  6. Correction and insertion the certificates , bonuses and promotions for college employees .
  7. Provides some sections by information when they need it .
  8. Answer the income letters from HR section and information section in the specific time .
  9. Provides the employees that are continue work after motherhood vacation . and transmitted employees that join our college from another  college and issuing new ID card for fingerprint .
  10. Follow up and supervision daily from the manager of the section to check the achieved work and co-operate between the university and college using oracle program and fingerprint .
  11. Issuing the Id cards for the lecturers and employees of our college to ensure the enrollment of them to our college .