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Accounts unit


Accounts unit


The unit was established after the establishing of the basic educational college , at that time it was attached to the financial affairs unit in the university of almustansiryah and it be unattached in the 1994 and then open the bank account in the alrafidan bank ( baqubah branch/14 )

The  financial section are established in the basic educational college and become the backbone for the college that led to developed and prosperity of the college .


The service that provide

  1. Financial resources : include a) federal budget allocations from the part of financial affairs at diyala university .

b) self-financing : include higher educational fund and the evening study fund .

2-  the accounting system followed :- a) federal balancing allocation exchange by using  accounting system decentralized attached to the financial affairs section in university .

b) uniform accounting system to control  the self-financing  which is the accounting of the higher education fund and evening study fund .

The stuff of unit

  1. Sahar abduljabbar kamel  / accounting manager / administrator of the unit .
  2. Sundus ahmed ibraheem / associate director for checking .
  3. Mohammed thabit abduljabbar / assistant accountant .
  4. Nesreen salman ali / assistant accountant .
  5. Soa’ad jumah namoos / associated traid technician .
  6. Nameer awni rezowqi /
  7. Najjat dieam abdulrazaq / prime observers .