Dean Message





About the unit

The unit consider as one of the most important unit in the college that directly attached to the assistant dean for the administrative affairs , and in historical view about the develop of the section work we find that the section is developed from the beganing of establishement of the college in the 1992 .

Organizational structure of the unit .

The unit are consist of

  1. Humen resourses unit ( HR unit ) .

This unit are concerned with the affairs of the college employee and lecturers affairs and employee affairs ( technician and administrator ) .

This unit are achieves all the privet work of the college employee like annual increases after they checking the conditions that required for the process like the legal period and the valuation of performance and the permission of the boss and there is no penalties that make the annual increasing late . also it makes a list of the persons that deserve the promotion to the college lecturers if there is the availability of legal conditions that required for promotion .


The aims of the section

  1. Achievement all the works related the lecturers and employees .
  2. Achievements all the works related to the college .
  3. Enhancing the administrative level as the suit the standard of the quality.
  4. Provides the best services to the intellectuals in the higher education .

Responsibilities and duties

1-Achievements all the administrative works related to the college and make the letters with the other organization and work as a communicated channel amongst the department , sections and units of college and also with other organization affiliated to the university ,and administrate the e-mails of the college ( external and internal) and issuing the orders and saving the letters related to college .

  1. using the electronic administrative instruments  to achievements the official letters wit the university and its structures and starting to transition to electronic work amongst the sections and units of college and reducing the paper work .
  2. Careful to observe the provisions of the Civil Service Law no.24 for 1960 and its modifications when takes the procedures related to the employee . and the provisions of the retirement law no. 9 for 2014 and the law of the ministry of higher education and scientific research no.40 for 1988 and its modifications . and other laws .
  3. Following the achievement of the retirement works for the college employees and lecturers with the national authority of retirement .
  4. Saving the personal files of the stuff and documented electronically and continuous updating and follow up the verifications of the documents and certificates .


Stuff of unit

  1. Mohammed Abdullah mohammed / general manager of the unit
  2. Khairullah ismeal / manager  of promotions and bonuses
  3. Iman Ibrahim hameed / manager of lecturers and employees affairs
  4. Salwah abbas hadi / manager of lecturers affairs
  5. Bushrah abduljabbar dieab / income mail + employees
  6. Hanan ali barbout /income mail + employees
  7. Ashwaq emad fakhri / outgoing mail
  8. Thekrah naser hussain / outgoing mail
  9. Afra’a ahmed abd / printer
  10. Assma’a abbas alwan / printer
  11. Khairullah ismeael / electronic archiving and vocations