Dean Message


Department of History


Disseminating the multi-dimension historical culture can lead to building a comprehensive historical image that can be spread among the community , and qualifying the historical thinking according to the critical procedure based on educating critical mind for the department's students can be viewed as a cultural  shift in the historical studies.     


Updating the dimensions of those who are professional in history according to the argumentative procedure in deriving the laws from the history events may lead to a cultural development based on an awareness on the dimensions of history and its events in general . Besides, forming a philosophical message relying on the scientific thinking is considered an active factor in the historical manner with others.



The department aims to achieve the following objectives:

1.  Preparing teachers  holding bachelor degree.

2. Preparing a group of distinguished department's students to complete their higher studies.

3. Training the schools' teachers of history on the recent developments in field of teaching history.

4. Writing researches and studies on ancient , modern and contemporary history in the light of related studies.

5. Evaluating the contents of the studies issued in the field of history.