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Vision and Mission College Of Basic Education


Vision and Mission College Of Basic Education

      College is working to become a leading educational institution offering outstanding performance in higher education and educational research and community service, and as reflected in the performance level of its graduates and prepare them qualified meets the requirements of the labor market.

The college's mission and objectives, is to:

       university teachers keep pace with the progress of scientific and professional preparation, and in order to achieve the national strategy to prepare university teacher..

Work on building a society capable of catch up with the global progress, through the educational process to develop the levels of all, activation of partnership and cooperation with similar colleges, and the Ministry of Education and general directorates and schools, and to provide initiatives for educational reform, and the optimum use of knowledge, scientific research and scientific activities in the light of the needs of Iraqi society and its values, and in compliance with accreditation standards.

The graduation of a university teacher specialist capable of cemented educational performance to the stage of basic education level, in order to build generations armed with the knowledge and science, morality and patriotism and belonging to him, and the development of the educational process.

develop students' skills and refined to employ them in the scientific field of education and training on the methods of scientific research.

encourage its members to authoring, translation and publishing.

updated traditional patterns of education and administration, to the electronic Modern patterns followed in the developed world.

Work on the application of quality program and quality assurance and reliability in accordance with the global program. participate in solving the problems of society and meet labor market needs.