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Basic Education College establishment


Basic Education College establishment


1- College building constructed in 1977 and dedicated to the middle of Baquba trade for Girls affiliated to the General Directorate for Educational Diyala province. Then the building works on the part of the Teachers Institute in the central bank which had been opened in Diyala provencvec in 1990 and received graduate school junior branches of science and arts, and was director of the Institute at the time with the help of Assistant Professor Dr. Mejbel Alwan Mahmoud Walker, the assistant of  director of the Institute Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Hindi-Khafaji, and the teaching staff  as well as the opening of the Technical Institute who accepts graduates studies junior scientific, literary and professional branches, was the beginning of the founding of the institute in Tahrir city and  moved to the junior trade building Baquba Girls which named (College of Basic Education) located in the new city Baquba - neighborhood Mustafa, was a conservatory branches departments of (science, mathematics, Arabic language, English language, social studies, physical education, art education, kindergarten, the teacher first grade). In 1994, the decoder Institute's association with the Iraqi Ministry of higher Education under the Ministerial order of the number 20664.

 it was named the College  of Teachers and was affiliated to Al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad. The Special Administrative Order transferring the staff  Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Higher Education issued by the Directorate-General for Education Diyala number 20664 on 23 August 1994.


The first dean who established the college Was Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jassim Alndaoui, affiliated to University of Diyala, it includes 9 branches humanitarian branches of scientific, Physical Education, art education, sociology, first-grade teacher, kindergarten, Arabic language, English language, mathematics, and computer branch, where many staff moved of the inhabitants of the province of Diyala and staff at the University of Kufa.


2- The Amis and objectives of establishment the college:

     The idea of ​establishment of teachers college, were of great important location in Diyala province since (1994-1995), and because of Al- Mustansiriya University, was the main reason for establishment  the college is the importance of Diyala province, site, and the presence of large numbers of conservative students shift daily Baghdad province to study in Baghdad university, the Al-Mustansiriya University ,technological university,  colleges of Basra, Mosul, Salahuddin and another universities , these were the numbers suffering from the difficulty of transportation and the high expenses that disposal of their families on them per day, as well as a cadre of teaching in the province can be based turn to the establishment of the university or college serve the people of the province, as well as cultural and social aspect of the evolution of the community members in Diyala, increased the availability of various resources in Diyala province, being of a nearby strategic location to Iran, where large districts and respects many villages and oil refinery in Khanaqin, each these factors and causes increased its ability to establish the nucleus of the University of Diyala represented at teachers College.

      the total work of the beginning of its establishment is to strive for the development of students and prepare them for a typical setup  cultural and social awareness holding seminars to guide advice and guidance, ethics and other concepts concerning scientific and cognitive side, as well as the existence of cultural and scientific library and learn the initial principles in the field of scientific research and automated computer, as there were the participation of the teaching staff in preparation of seminars and scientific conferences, as well as the preparation of teachers through open courses inside and outside Iraq and participate in, as well as the preparation of the scientific research in the disciplines of all, it was bulletins mural important role in educating students and the development of scientific ideas as well as cultural activities and festivals held by the college, As for the technical side it had a role in the education of students drawing on the wall paintings, and in the field of photography, as well as theater and acting to become artists in the field of art Education Department, as well as the sporting side by conducting friendly games intercollegiate sports competitions outside the college.


3- The reality of establishment the college

     It was not building that time, or a piece  of land dedicated to the University so was obtaining the junior high building Baquba Trade of the Ministry of Education has been transferred to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and noticeable on that building that the design and the nature of the building does not fit with the university buildings, the requirements of both halls study or laboratory or departmental extensions have been modulating many of them as well as the efforts to become a great match with the buildings used for other colleges at the time.

      Construction was very limited in 1994 as it was limited to a number of halls and administrative rooms that were in place (Childhood Research Center now). The branches in college were offices are limited and there is a branch president and secretary; whereas the teaching staff do not have an office and rooms, a professor in his spare time wandering in the college in fact the building were so limited people who responsible began  to expand building, was preparing to build a second building containing branches: science, math, computers, and rooms for administrators, and Deanship, and Clerical, offices for assistants Dean, a private Balskrtarih rooms.

4- Professors who contributed and development the College in 1994-2003:

A group of teachers and doctors had contributed to establish the college and build various scientific departments and career development in 1994-2003.

 Dr. Mohammed Jassim Alndaoui

Prof. Dr. Nabil Mahmoud Shaker odw

Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Abdullah Zeidan Anbuge

Prof. Dr. Ali Obaid Jassim al-Obeidi

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud al-Shammari blessing

Dr. Falih Hassan Kadhim Umayyad

The late Prof. Dr. Sami Mahdi Saleh al-Azzawi

Prof. Dr. Laith Karim Hamad al-Samarrai

Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Salman al-Saidi

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Fadel Super Samurai

Prof. Dr. Alaa Mahmoud Shaker threshold

Prof. Dr. Sami Abdul Aziz Mohammed al-Mamouri

Prof. Dr. Fadel Abboud Khamis Al-Tamimi

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Hamadani Gnaua

Prof. Dr. Abbas Fadhil Jawad al-Dulaimi

Prof. Dr. Ali Ibrahim Mohammed Awsi

Prof. Dr. Salim Nuri al-Sadek al-Salihi

Prof. Dr. Muthana Mohammed Alwan Aljcami

The late Dr. Hassan Ahmed al-Azzawi Mhawesh

Prof. Dr. Ali Abdullah Hussein Anba

Prof. Dr. O. student Khazraji

Prof. Dr. Kazem names Fendi Masoudi

Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Rahman Mohammed Juma Znnh

Prof. Dr. Adel Abdul-Rahman al-Izzi Nassif

Prof. Dr. Riaz Hussain Ali al-Jubouri

Prof. Dr. Nazem Jawad Kadhim al-Samarrai

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asfour Salman Umayyad

Prof. Dr. Sami Abdul-Aziz Mohammed al-Mamouri

Prof. Dr. Aziz Mahmoud Smiep

Prof. Dr. Iman Abdul Jalil Ibrahim al-Samarrai

Prof. Dr. Magda Hamid Kmbh

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hamid Alwan al-Saadi

Prof. Dr. Maan nice Kashkool Salman al-Rubaie

Assistant Professor Dr. Mahmoud Alwan late Mejbel Walker

Assistant Professor of the late Mohammed al-Khafaji, an Indian

Assistant Professor of the late Abdullah Salman Abbas threshold

Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Ramadan Ahmed

Assistant Prof. Dr. Qasim late pleased Nassif

Assistant Professor Dr. Mohamed Tawfik Hussein

Assistant professor Dr. Hamid Jassim Saleh

Assistant Professor of the late Khudair Abbas al-Tamimi

Assistant Professor Dr. Haitham Jacob Joseph Moukheiber net

Assistant Professor Muslim Mahdi Jassim al-Rubaie

Assistant Professor Ezzat Suhail Najm Abdullah

Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Najm Abdullah al-Jubouri

Assistant Professor Dr. Khudair blessing Hadi

Assistant Professor Dr. Bashar al-Khalil Ismail

Assistant professor Dr. Ayad Hamid Rashid Khazraji

Assistant Prof. Dr. Necdet Ali

Assistant Professor Fadel Mahmoud Khudair

Assistant Professor Dr. George Simon Joseph Brge

The late Dr. Inam Yusuf Suleiman David Karkhi

Assistant Professor Dr. Fakhri Sabri Abbas Ali al-Azzawi

Assistant Professor Dr. Ibrahim Ali thanked

The teacher Tariq Lutfi Sadeq

Teacher Nizar Hussein Jassim al-Saadi Crown

Assistant Professor Mahmoud Amin

Assistant Lecturer Jaafar Hussein

Teacher Zia Abdul Sattar thanked.


5- The reality of initial studies

      Most of the early Altdricion describes in college and the reality of the initial studies in 2003 before it was very good in terms of the scientific level, and in terms of cultural and social awareness, and it was the students Highly disciplined manners, respectful of them and a professor and has the status of a respected them, and the relationship is not at the expense of scientific material , and there was no favoritism and mediation .., and who have graduated from the college had a positive role in the scientific life and those with a good reputation is proud of their college yet, and some of them and continued his studies at the master's and doctorate and became  because they were the epitome of science, ethics, education, good.

     Introduced a total branches as a result of the evolution of higher education in Iraq, in terms of scientific and humanitarian disciplines because students have a need and growing rapidly in acceptance, leading to search students for specialization as a result of scientific and cultural support, because the request of the Ministry of Education and confirmed by the side of specialization to be teachers, professors hold diplomas in their field of specialty, and began studying the teaching staff competence only, and after 2000, psychological counseling and educational guidance department introduced a first-grade teacher allowance, and the introduction of Computing section. And I saw the teaching staff after that date, sophisticated and clear in the various disciplines.


6- Head and college departments  1994- 2003.


English M.moslem Mahdi Jassim  20/08/1994

Art Education Dr. Ahmed Ramadan Ahmed  20/08/1994

Physical Education/ Dr. Ahmed Ramadan Ahmed  20/08/1994

General Science /M.zia Sattar  08/20/1994

Dr. Salem sociology/ Nuri al-Sadiq  20/08/1994

Islamic education /M.hamed Saleh Jasim  08/20/1994

Mathematics/ D.vaiq Fadel Ahmed  08/20/1994

Kindergarten d. /Kazem names Fendi  24/10/1996

First grade teacher /Dr. Ali Ibrahim Mohammed  20/08/1994


       Islamic education branch was canceled in 1997, and in 1998 Evening Studies introduced four branches are: Arabic, English, social sciences, education Riadih.kma introduced graduate in 1998 as well as the establishment of research and administrative units of the following .