Dean Message


Department of Psychological Guidance and Educational Directing


Preparing and training the department's students to ensure high-level outputs in psychological  guidance and educational directing through providing the best scholastic and training syllabi and programs in addition to the up-to-date teaching methods and training to keep pace with scientific research to develop the department's outputs continuously and to offer training services and consultation for the in-service educational advisors.  


Ensuring the providing of the best guidance services for the public education schools to help achieve the objectives of the scholastic curriculum in developing the student's personality from all sides and in achieving the objectives of guidance in its three levels , developmental , protective and remedial.


1. Providing the public education schools with male and female advisors after qualifying them for four years to perform psychological  guidance and educational directing perfectly.

2. Providing developmental and training services for the in-service educational advisors.

3. Disseminating the principles of directing and consultation in the community through conferences , symposiums , educational propaganda and other media.

4. Building scales , tests and other means of measurement that enhance guidance in public education schools.

5. Developing and expanding the high studies to provide the educational institutions with specialized staff.