Dean Message


Department of Arabic


For the departments of Arabic in the colleges of Basic Education achieve their mission, attention should be paid for the performance of these departments and their outputs represented by qualified teachers who teach and develop teaching. This requires overviewing the curricula to be in line with the prospective objectives and to improve the teachers' performance to enable them to try hard to attain the objectives.  


Enhancing the level of teaching Arabic in the basic education stages. This is a necessary step for promoting teaching Arabic in the subsequent stages because education in these stages cannot be improved if the basic education is feeble. This mission should taken on by the departments of Arabic in the colleges of Basic Education in the country. And for this mission to be achieved , linguistic awareness should be strengthened in the community as it is one of the factors of all-out progress and an aspect of the nation's cultural awareness.


The department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

 Graduating qualified teachers who work on promoting the level of teaching Arabic in schools.

Contributing in bringing into being the specialized staff in linguistics and literature through high studies.

 Participating in the scientific activities through holding symposiums and conferences in the department and providing the cultural and scientific life with the departments' activities in the university of Diyala and other universities inside and outside the country.