Dean Message


Department of English


The department is the party that applies the qualitative standards in the university to develop the skills and promote the graduates' level  locally, regionally and internationally through improving the teachers' outputs who are capable of teaching and its promotion. This requires overviewing the curricula to be in line with the prospective objectives and to improve the teachers' performance to enable them to try hard to attain the objectives.


Preparing teachers who are capable of serving the university, educational institutions and the civil community through adhering to the restrictions and standards that can promote the academic, teaching and educational programs which may totally improve the graduates' level in addition to promoting the interaction level between the university and the civil community.


The department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

 preparing university-graduate primary school teachers capable of teaching in  primary schools.

 Developing the student's capacity to comprehend English texts , pronounce words and sentences properly and exercise grammatical structures correctly.

 Developing the student's capacity to speak and communicate linguistically through dialogue , conversation and listening.

 Training the students on the scientific research through research writing and knowledge of language theories , modern educational curricula and various methods of teaching.

. Developing the students' scientific trends in a way that enables them to develop their own skills in high studies.

. Encouraging participation in scientific conferences and symposiums to be acquainted with the recent development in methods of teaching and the changes in methods of scientific research in all the subjects of specialty.

. Contributing in bringing into being the specialized staff in methodology, linguistics and literature through high studies.