1.   The College of Basic Education Achieves the first place in the annual assessment of student activities in the College in aspects of (sports, artistic, scouting) for the academic year 2016-2017 at the
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  3.   Master thesis in College of Basic Education discuss ( The Effect of Exercises by Means of By means of mutual assistance manner  in the Level of technical Performance For jogging movements with and wit
  4.   PhD thesis in College of basic education discusses the impact of a proposed training curriculum according to the mixed system in the development of some physiological indicators and the performance of
  5.   MA Thesis in College of Basic Education discusses the analysis of the Arabic grammar book for the 12th grade scientific class  in the sight of technical learning
  6.   Teaching staff at the College of Basic education Disscus the mater thesis at College of Education for Human Sciences, Diyala University
  7.   PhD thesis in the College of Basic Education discusses the Building a Proposed Curriculum for Teaching Ancient Literary Criticism in Faculties of Basic Education and Measuring its Impact.
  8.   PhD thesis in the college of basic education discusses the ( The Effect of Psychological Program in the Development of Psychological Flow and Some Basic Skills of Football for Youth)
  9.   PhD thesis in the college of basic education discusses the impact of special exercises in the development of momentum of arm and mastering some of the basic skills of volleyball for young
  10.   The college of Basic Education at the University of Diyala discussed a master thesis titled (Effect of reverse gradation method in partial way in developing concentration of attention and gaining some

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Department of Mathematics held scientific seminar on Great Math Puzzle

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Department of Mathematics held scientific seminar on Great Math Puzzle

Within the scientific activities of the department for the first semester, and under  the sponsored of Prof. Dr. Abbas Fadhil Al-Dulaimi, president of the university , and the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Haidar Shakir Mezher ,  Dean of the College, Department of Mathematics organized in the College of Basic Education , Scientific seminar entitled (Great mathematics Puzzle ) lectured by Assistant Professor Dr. Taghreed huir Madjid staff member in College of Education, Al-Mustansiriya University , and chaired the seminar,  assistant professor Dr. Faleh Abdul Hassan al-Tai and its  assistant professor Dr. Eman Ahmed Kadhim, on teacher hall.

the seminar aimed to identify the use  numbers and its relations in mathematical , natural  , and mathematical concepts and use digital applications in the process of life in all kinds of science

the seminar extract some of instructions :

1- the seminar considered as a way to simplify the teaching of mathematics and make it more effective because it is the language to understand the intelligence of the various decisions of the person.

2- consider the mathematics as universe language and attached to all disciplines

3- Mathematics is an intellectual approach in scientific research to keep up with changes on the philosophical and scientific about mathematics.