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  1.   PhD thesis in the College of Basic Education discusses the effectiveness of a proposed program to teach the general teaching methods according to the approach of systems in the achievement of students
  2.   PhD thesis in the College of Basic Education discusses the development of the Scale of professional competence in accordance with the requirements of Total Quality Management for the Workers in sports
  3.   The Faculty of Basic Education at the University of Diyala discussed the master thesis titled "Leadership styles and their relation to the teaching competencies of physical education and sports scienc
  4.   Dean of College of Basic Diyala participates in the scientific seminar on the course of sports management at the University of Leipzig, Germany, organized by the College of Physical Education and Spor
  5.   The Council of College of basic education held its 11th meeting for the academic year 2016-2017
  6.   Department of Arabic language organizes a qualitative lecture for Ph.D. students
  7.   College of basic education organizes a seminar on the phenomenon of drug, causes, effects and methods of prevention in cooperation with the Directorate of Drug Control
  8.   College of basic education in cooperation with the Directorate of Education Diyala organize a training course in the English language entitled (The day of the week)
  9.   The Division of Development and Continuing Education in College of basic education organized a workshop on the evaluation of the institutional performance of the officials of the quality assurance sec
  10.   A lecturer in Science Department at College of Basic Education participates in the third scientific conference of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Karbala.

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